The Herpes Virus: How Is It Treated?

herpes-home-trreatmentThere are two kinds of herpes simplex virus. They both attack the skin and mucous membranes. HSV-1 is the most common type, and it usually manifests itself as cold sores on the lips and mouth. Meanwhile, HSV-2 affects the male and female genitals. Female genital herpes generally develops very differently in different women and is often related to the strength of the immune system and general health of the patient. The best way to prevent herpes is to wear a condom or abstain from sex. While herpes is typically not spread when it’s in remission, it’s still possible that a carrier could pass it on to someone. So, always wear a condom or ensure that both you and your spouse get tested before your wedding date.

How Herpes Is Treated
The most common method for herpes treatment is using a drug or group of drugs known as acyclovir. Though acyclovir is typically used to treat specific and separate outbreaks, it can be taken every day if your doctor believes you need it to prevent future outbreaks. Taking the drug every day is not ideal. Acyclovir can be toxic, so most patients shouldn’t take it for more than one consecutive year. Also, any ongoing use of this drug should be managed and overseen by a qualified doctor.

herpes-medicationPreventing Outbreaks With Lifestyle Changes
The number of outbreaks a patient will suffer from will vary depending on their health, immune system levels and the severity of herpes. However, healthier people experience fewer outbreaks. That means focusing on your lifestyle and health will help keep your herpes at bay. The best way to ward off herpes is with regular exercise and a good diet. Try to get at least a half hour of cardiovascular exercise every day. Also, focus on a healthy and balanced diet. Finally, do your best to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Using Black Walnut Tree to Treat Herpes
The leaves of black walnut trees are used medicinally for their astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, hemostatic and wound healing properties. These medicinal actions make the walnut leaves a wonderful treatment for healing the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. To make a black walnut compress, simply boil down about an ounce of cut leaves into several cups of water. After 10 minutes, drain the solution and soak a cloth in the remaining leftovers. Once you’re ready, apply the warm cloth to the affected area for close to 15 minutes. This homemade black walnut tree compress can not only help with the pain of female herpes, but it will also reduce the length of outbreaks.

Herpes is an aggravating disease, and breakouts are both frustrating and can be painful. Though there isn’t a HSV 2 Cure unfortunately, there are some options available that effectively reduce the discomfort and occurrences.