The Herpes Virus: How Is It Treated?

herpes-home-trreatmentThere are two kinds of herpes simplex virus. They both attack the skin and mucous membranes. HSV-1 is the most common type, and it usually manifests itself as cold sores on the lips and mouth. Meanwhile, HSV-2 affects the male and female genitals. Female genital herpes generally develops very differently in different women and is often related to the strength of the immune system and general health of the patient. The best way to prevent herpes is to wear a condom or abstain from sex. While herpes is typically not spread when it’s in remission, it’s still possible that a carrier could pass it on to someone. So, always wear a condom or ensure that both you and your spouse get tested before your wedding date.

How Herpes Is Treated
The most common method for herpes treatment is using a drug or group of drugs known as acyclovir. Though acyclovir is typically used to treat specific and separate outbreaks, it can be taken every day if your doctor believes you need it to prevent future outbreaks. Taking the drug every day is not ideal. Acyclovir can be toxic, so most patients shouldn’t take it for more than one consecutive year. Also, any ongoing use of this drug should be managed and overseen by a qualified doctor.

herpes-medicationPreventing Outbreaks With Lifestyle Changes
The number of outbreaks a patient will suffer from will vary depending on their health, immune system levels and the severity of herpes. However, healthier people experience fewer outbreaks. That means focusing on your lifestyle and health will help keep your herpes at bay. The best way to ward off herpes is with regular exercise and a good diet. Try to get at least a half hour of cardiovascular exercise every day. Also, focus on a healthy and balanced diet. Finally, do your best to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Using Black Walnut Tree to Treat Herpes
The leaves of black walnut trees are used medicinally for their astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, hemostatic and wound healing properties. These medicinal actions make the walnut leaves a wonderful treatment for healing the symptoms of a herpes outbreak. To make a black walnut compress, simply boil down about an ounce of cut leaves into several cups of water. After 10 minutes, drain the solution and soak a cloth in the remaining leftovers. Once you’re ready, apply the warm cloth to the affected area for close to 15 minutes. This homemade black walnut tree compress can not only help with the pain of female herpes, but it will also reduce the length of outbreaks.

Herpes is an aggravating disease, and breakouts are both frustrating and can be painful. Though there isn’t a HSV 2 Cure unfortunately, there are some options available that effectively reduce the discomfort and occurrences.

Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

charlotte-attractionsFor those of you who have already been to Charlotte, you know what I’m talking about when I say that it is probably one of the most beautiful cities you can visit. With its pristine landscape and great architecture, it combines old world style with modern-day living. I have come up with short things to do list to help guide you the next time you make it into Charlotte, NC.

One of the coolest is the Us National Whitewater Center, located just outside the city. You can literally do tons of amazing activities here, like mountain biking, hiking, whitewater rafting and canoeing. Unlike boring activities like visiting a dental profesional, they provide onsite instruction for beginners and advanced types and have been in business for over 20 years. They have plenty of upcoming events, simply visit their main site at to learn more.

carowinds-charlotte-ncAnother great activity, especially for the kids, is the amusement park Carowinds. Admission for kids is around $25, and there are tons of fun rides for your little ones to enjoy. They have a water park on the site called boomerang Bay, which is open from May through September, and plenty of nearby accommodations. Experience the thrill of a roller coaster, or just float down the lazy river if you want. It’s a great way to keep the kids active.

For the history buffs out there, you can visit the home of our 11th US president, James K. Polk. Learn more about his presidency, including significant events that happened during his presidency, and check out some great gift ideas. You will also learn about his role in the annexation of California and the Mexican-American War. You can also check out the historic Rosedale plantation, which was built in 1815.

For the outdoor types, there are plenty of other things to do. Take a mountain bike tour with some great local providers such as the Tarheel Trailblazers, a local mountain club. There are over 35 trails in the Charlotte area, each with their own unique twist which will give you and your family an amazing time.

For the truly adventurous, there is always skydiving and hot air ballooning, but only if you’re not afraid of heights . Take things to a whole new level with Balloons over Charlotte, which gives breathtaking views of Lake Norman. Visit Charlotte and enjoy the experience as you visit the eye catching destinations.

Diet Pills: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

With each passing day, the weight loss industry is growing at a great pace. One can see a number of diet pills on the marketplace. Because of the abundance of the weight loss diet pills on the marketplace, it has become very difficult for everyone to the best ones. As a matter of fact, in this field, one cannot say which diet pills are capable of producing the best results.

diet supplementsAll the available diet pills have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a clear description of positive and negative elements of the different diet pills that one uses for losing weight. We also recommended checking out garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind. It’s supposed to inhibit your body’s ability to create fat and is also supposed to lower your appetite. Believer say it blocks your body’s ability to make fat and it puts the brakes on your appetite. Dr Oz introduced garcinia cambogia as a diet supplement originally but many experts found that it also was a good way to keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels at healthy levels.

Appetite Suppressor
Appetite suppressor, suppress the feeling of hunger. Because of the suppressed hunger, one eats less since diet pills help one that his or her stomach is full and thus one loses weight indirectly. As one is not eating much because of this false notion that one’s stomach is completely full, one’s body start making use of the fat that is already stored inside the body.

In spite of the fact that such diet pills work well for many people, but at the same time, it is true that it may cause side effects in the form of high blood pressure and cardiovascular complications. It is advisable for the people with heart problems and a medical history of diabetes to avoid taking such supplements.

Pros and cons of taking diet pills:

carb blocker aids weight lossCarbohydrates Blocker
Another weight loss diet pill comes in the form of s Carbohydrates blocker. It works by preventing carbohydrates from getting broken and being used by the body. Basically, carbohydrates are used as energy for daily requirements and excess turn into fat for the storage. It has been shown in some of the studies that carbohydrates blocker goes a long way in losing weight.

Fat Burners
As far as the fat burners are concerned, it has been found to boost the temperature of the body and help the metabolism of the body to go up. Because of the high metabolism rate, the body burns the fat of the body at a very rapid speed. If one is using fat burner supplements for the first time, he or she may feel uneasiness or sweat too much. Due to high metabolism rate, one might feel fatigue and tiredness.

It has been advised that one should take fat burners with some proper workout, an omega 3 supplement, and bodybuilding plan so that the lost fat in our body can be replaced with muscles.

What is Homeopathic Medicine?

homeopathic medicinesOften the secret to good health doesn’t lie in finding solutions to fixing problems that already exist, but in adopting a philosophy that allows a person to lead a life of taking preventive measures so that there is never anything to treat in the first place.

This is the philosophy that people who practice naturopathic medicine have adopted. If you take a look at the word itself, it’s not hard to use logic to break down the meaning in each of the roots, and that by itself should tell you a lot about the way of life that you can expect the people who engage in this system of medicine to maintain.

One of the most important fundamental beliefs that naturopathic medicine purports is that everything to the human body needs to maintain balance and harmony lines in the natural world around us.

There is certainly some merit to the belief that too much artificiality is what causes a lot of the health problems of people experienced today. Many people live to levels of excess that were never intended by nature, and as they begin to get older and suffer from health complications, they pay the price for their indulgences.

herbal remediesFirst and foremost, a person has to be living in an environment that agrees with them from a naturopathic perspective, and that means helping to integrate as much of nature into one’s living space as possible.

Doctors who follow the principles of naturopathic medicine understand the philosophy that they are not simply treating a disease. They’re not just finding the solution to a problem, or solving some puzzle. Rather, they understand that they are dealing with a living breathing human being that has feelings and emotions just like they do.

By treating the whole person, rather than just the illness that they are contending with, doctors can create the most agreeable circumstances possible and have a much easier time putting their patients at ease about their treatment.

Without a doubt, this type of philosophy should be honored by more medical facilities, and it has most likely lead to a much higher success rate when it comes to dealing with potentially dangerous conditions such as cancer.

Patients need to feel as though they are respected as people, and it’s a shame that too few doctors can engage the people they’re trying to heal on that thick of a personal level. If you are in the Calgary area, we recommend that you book consultation with Calgary naturopath if you are interested in finding alternative and preventative solutions to your health issues.

The Truth About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

std-infoNowadays the incidences of sexually transmitted diseases have increased quite a few folds. This is mainly because the youngsters of today’s world have turned quite sexually active. Sexually transmitted infection can spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex, from an infected person to another healthy person. As soon you see the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases surfacing, it should be brought under medical attention immediately. It should be borne in mind that treatment of such diseases may not necessarily result in its cure completely. Though the focus should always be on getting cured, but for that you have to pass through the steps of treatment first.

You should have a brief idea about the symptoms involved with sexually transmitted diseases so as to identify them and bring about relief. Some of the common symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in both men and women are appearances of rashes or warts, redness in the genital areas and burning sensation along with itching during urination. Apart from these, there maybe some exclusive symptoms found in both the genders like vaginal discharge, fishy odor in women and tenderness in the penis of men and pain in epididymis. Before you get to arrive the stage of treatment if you can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases by avoiding involvement in sexual activities with multiple partners and getting tested for STD’s when necessary. Always use condoms and avoid having sex with a person whose previous sexual activities are not known. At times the fetus gets infected with pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases from its mother. Thus pregnant mothers should be more careful, as it not only encompasses her life but also the life of her child which is completely dependent on her activities.

sexually-transmitted-diseasesWhen in initial stages, certain home treatments can be opted to get relief. If the problems are overcome with natural methods then it is needless to consult a doctor. As such BV or bacterial vaginosis can be completely cured at its initial stages with simple home remedies and treatment, like consumption of yoghurt or application of apple cider vinegar to the affected areas of women. But when left untreated for quite some time it may invite more dangerous diseases in your body which can complicate the case drastically. In that case you have no option but to consult your doctor as soon as possible to start off with your treatment without any delay.

In any case to get completely cured of sexually transmitted diseases, attention has to be given on the paths and procedures of treatment brought about by the specialists. In many unfortunate cases, even from the initial stages it becomes quite impossible to cure the patient completely in spite of full fledged treatments, like the HIV AIDS. In these cases you have to concentrate more on the treatment to cure the disease to some extent and reductions of symptoms to certain level so as to make you lead a normal life for sometime at least.

How To Find A Discrete STD Testing Center Near You

hiv-testingHow to find an STD testing center is a question that many people ask when they need to know whether or not they have a sexually transmitted disease. There are thousands of testing centers nationwide but how do you know which one to choose? Here are a few ways to find STD Testing Centers in Fresno County.

1.Ask a friend or family member.
Friends or family members that have taken the test may be a great way to get a referral. If they had a pleasant experience, follow in their footsteps. However, there is a drawback to this method. People who want to keep the fact that they want to know where to get tested for STD’s a secret should not ask a friend or family member.
std-risk2. Ask a Doctor
Most physicians are part of a referral or lab network. The problem with this method is that many people do not have a primary care physician or they do not have their doctor’s number on speed dial. Physicians may also assess a fee for the referral. Even if they do not assess a fee, the labs they refer their patients to may be pricey.

3. Search on a search engine like Google, Yahoo! Or Bing.
This is a fast way to get a listing of testing centers, however, many people find this to be information overload” and they cannot tell which testing center would be best. It is okay to go this route, just be sure the testing center is legit.

4. Visit an STD testing referral website.
This is a great way to order a confidential and discreet screening online. Many of these referral sites also offer coupons and discounts on the screening costs that can be redeemed at checkout. They also offer a direct link to where to get tested for STD’s at convenient screening locations nationwide without charging for the referral.

Most screening locations are open all day Monday through Saturday. The process is fast and easy. Simply order a test online, stop by a local lab to give a urine or blood sample (depending on the test), and receive the confidential results via email within 1-2 days. Patients can be quickly tested for Chlamydia, HIV, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, or all of the above.
Consumers need not worry about the privacy of their results when using a referral website. All STD testing centers must abide by the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This guarantees consumers’ rights to privacy and keeps all medical information secure by law.

Stethoscopes: A Medical Professional’s Best Friend

doctor-with-stethoscopeMedical stethoscopes are essential equipment for professionals in the medical industry. Buying your own medical equipment stethoscope is a serious investment because you’ll have to use it over and over again in the future. Whether you are a student in medical school or a doctor, choosing the correct stethoscope is very important. You need to buy a reliable and trusted product that will help you with accurate patient testing and diagnosis.

what stethoscope should I buy for nursing school
In the future, the electronic stethoscope will be the choice of most medical professionals. Over the last few years, electronic stethoscopes have really grown in popularity. Doctors and nurses can listen to and diagnose patients in any type of noisy setting they might be in because of this technology. The speed and accuracy of these electronic stethoscopes have helped many a physician or locum tenen to help save lives.

high-quality-stethoscopesThe acoustic stethoscopes were the only choice medical professionals had in the past. But the choices are much more than just the acoustic these days, thanks to the advances in micro-electric technology and computer technology. One of the big reasons that technology has changed and strived to improve the stethoscope is that in the past listening to faint sounds was a recurring problem with acoustic models. That meant that when using them in a loud environment it was next to impossible to properly give the patient a correct diagnosis.

Electronic Stethoscopes
It has the ability to amplify body sounds to an amazing level where it can be comfortably heard, even in a noisy environment. Littmann is a leader in the electronic stethoscope arena. They design and manufacture some of the best stethoscopes available. A Littmann stethoscope is known for its mark of quality, excellence, and durability. This is the stethoscope to get if you want an electronic one.

If a physician needs to do a consultation, in a lot of instances the consulted doctor can be emailed what was heard and recorded by the electronic stethoscope. The recorded sounds can be downloaded from the electronic stethoscope onto a laptop, mp3 player or even an I-pod with the included cables.

In the end when you as a medical practitioner are looking for an extremely durable and lightweight stethoscope, the electronic stethoscope made by Littmann is a really great choice. The life of any patient is extremely precious and it is a stethoscope that helps the physician in the first level of examination.

What Does An Oral Surgeon Do? We’ll Tell You

Whether you are searching oral surgeons in any location, it is very important for you to understand what oral surgeons are capable of. They help to fix a lot of dental problems such as:

oral-surgeonsWisdom teeth: Oral surgeons commonly perform the procedure for wisdom teeth (also known as third molars). People get wisdom teeth mostly in their late teens. When these teeth get misaligned, they can cause damage to your jawbone, adjacent teeth and even cause unbearable pain. Taking up the services of a dentist having specialization in performing a surgical procedure can help in removing the wisdom teeth before they lead to any permanent damage to your mouth.

Dental Implants: Many people often suffer from one common problem that is the loss of teeth due to accident or infection. However, you can opt for a new replacement as an alternative to your missing or damaged teeth by opting for dental implants. Oral surgeons substitute your missing or broken teeth with implants that are surgically anchored in the jawbone. The dental implant functions just like a natural tooth. The board directory for dentistry in North Carolina insists that for dental implant patients need to have an adequate level of bone density, and need to maintain good oral hygiene.


Dentures: In case a candidate isn’t advised to opt for dental implants, they can choose to have dentures instead. However, a good oral surgeon will thoroughly examine the patient’s jaw area before fixing the dentures, to verify whether the upper and lower jaws have grown properly or not. But, in case some irregularities are found in the jaw area, surgery can be carried out to balance the jaw. Once the dentures are fitted, it’s important for the patient to visit their oral surgeon so as to keep a check on whether the bones supporting the dentures aren’t damaged. If such a case happens, then the patient needs to undergo a bone graft procedure.

To conclude, remember to choose only a professional to perform oral surgery. And so, you need to look out for an oral surgeon that is not only certified to carry out oral surgery but is also highly experienced. Finding a good dentist who has performed several procedures can help to yield an effective result. Lastly, bear in mind that oral surgery is expensive, and thus it is better that you should for dental insurance. However, make sure that the dental surgeon you are choosing is covered under the insurance plan you are opting for.

Get Healthier Using a Nutritionist

diet-planWe all know that eating well is a huge factor in our overall health. While a diet full of sugars, fats, and fried food might be appealing to your taste buds, it likely will not help you to stay healthy. If you want to know what types of foods will keep you fit and feeling full of energy, you might want to enlist the help of an expert nutritionist. You may have considered this in the past, but may have wondered what exactly does a nutritionist do?

You might feel like you know what foods to eat without the help of a nutritionist, however the role they fill is actually much more complex than you anticipate. First, you will need to be honest with the nutritionist about your current eating habits and activity level. They will be able to determine a great deal from your daily routine, and help determine if you are on the right track or if your lifestyle could use some modifications. Most nutritionists can provide you with a detailed and clear path to the best things to eat that will get you to your healthiest state.

Sometimes this information includes specific recipes and guidelines such as when to eat and how much food you should consume. It is really important to follow what the nutritionist says to see the best results, and it is also extremely helpful to follow up with them. Your nutritionist will let you know when to come back and check on your progress, and perhaps tweak the plan to make it even more effective.

Another excellent reason to see a nutritionist is if you have specific and unique medical concerns. Conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol can be heavily impacted by the foods you eat. To ensure you stay healthy and manage your condition the correct way, a nutritionist can help guide you to the best diet for you. They will help you to evaluate the foods you are currently eating and figure out if they could be exacerbating your condition. If you are eating things that are making your health worse, they will be able to provide you with healthy and delicious alternatives. It is an especially good idea to enlist the help of a nutritionist if you have recently been diagnosed with a medical condition, to start you out on the right track as soon as possible.

Benefits of Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy is a complimentary form of medicine that was developed by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. He explored a gentle method of healing various illnesses based on the concept of “Law of Similar.” This unique form of treatment has been in use for 200 years and today many people benefit from homeopathic medicines.


Benefits of Homeopathic Medicines

There are many obvious benefits of homeopathic medicines, and some of the most significant among them include the following.

No side effects: One of the greatest benefits of using these medications is its safety. Till date, these medicines have no considerable side effects. It is perfectly safe to be administered to new born babies, pregnant women and old aged people. It hardly interferes with any other type of medications.

Preventive: There are many medicines in homeopathy that can be consumed to prevent diseases. Cold, flu, and viral diseases can be avoided with these medicines. It is possible to reduce the risk of infection and slow down the aging process.

Health enhancers: Homeopathic medicines fight the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. It has a completely different healing approach to ailments. These medicines can stimulate the reaction of the body to overcome illnesses. It, therefore, strengthens the immune system of the human body to fight the diseases. It is based on the principle that human body has an in-built power to fight diseases on its own. Most of the medicines aim to help the body gain strength.

Chronic diseases: It is quietly effective in treating all types of ailments including chronic diseases.

Customized medical treatment: Another significant feature of homeopathic medicine is that each medication is designed to heal individual diseases. Medications are administered according to different symptoms and body type.

Complete analysis: Homeopathic treatment involves a comprehensive analysis of a person’s illness or ailment. Both mental and physical symptoms are taken into consideration by the doctor. This therapeutic treatment includes a customized solution to individuals based on all the symptoms experienced by the sufferer.

Holistic treatment: The greatest advantage of these medicines is its holistic approach to various ailments. It treats the body and the mind as homeopathy is based on the concept that a healthy body needs a healthy mind. According to Dr. Samuel, a physician must be a prejudiced observer so that the patients can explain their symptoms. This process is quite essential so that the patient becomes proactive in the process of healing.

Most of the substances used for preparing these remedies are derived from plants, animals, and minerals. There are many medicines derived from snake venom and ink of a squid to treat various types of ailments. Silver nitrate which is derived from minerals can be used to treat nervous anticipation and anxiety.

Homeopathic medicines are available in the form of sugar pills, tablets, diluted solutions or tincture form. Mostly it is available in the shape of sweet pills which are treated with diluted medicated liquids. Most of these remedies are quite efficient and help to deal with a variety of ailments if it is correctly diagnosed.