Are You Flossing Enough?

flossing important prevent tooth decayOne of the most important aspects of any oral care routine is the act of flossing. In fact, the health of your teeth can have a significant influence on your overall health. Flossing is the physical act of threading floss in the middle of the spaces between the teeth and moving it back and forth. This action helps to prevent any tooth decay that may be developing. Toothbrushes, although a staple in dental care, are generally not able to get everything which is why flossing in those hard to reach places is so important.

Flossing is a simple action to perform and involves wrapping the floss around your two index fingers and wedging the string between each tooth. This helps remove any plaque and food particles that may be left over from the previous meal. It is important that the individual flosses with care and does not floss too hard, especially the first few times if they are just beginning a flossing regimen. Flossing too hard, much like brushing too hard, can possibly harm the teeth so it is of the most utmost importance to be gentle when cleaning your teeth.

Flossing effectively consistently not just keeps things clear and healthy, but it additionally can act as a preventive measure. The action is one that daily will clear away any bacteria before they have the opportunity to cause greater problems beyond bad breath, like tooth decay for example. For this reason, it is advised that a person brushes their teeth and flosses after each meal in addition to scheduling check-ups and cleanings at their local dentist. It is also recommended that individuals remove all soft drinks for their diet and opt for something with no sugar such as water.

Flossing is a very important part of any oral care schedule. Those who take the time to floss regularly will reap the benefits of a clean and healthy mouth for years to come. Those who don’t may experience tooth sensitivity, pain, or decay as a result of their negligence.

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