What is a Locum?

help wanted locum tenensA locum, or locum tenens, is the healthcare equivalent of a substitute teacher. When physicians are absent, or healthcare facilities are short on staff, a locum tenens can fill in. They are hired on a temporary basis, of no longer than 60 days. However, companies can continue to hire different locum tenens as needed.

There are benefits to working as a locum tenens. It allows a physician to gain unique perspective and knowledge, as he or she is able to work in different practices in different locations. It is also a good opportunity for physicians transitioning between careers, or looking to lessen their workload. The top four reasons to work as a locum tenens are flexibility, travel, extra income, and clinical experience.

Locum tenens do not have to specialize in the same medical field as the physician they are filling in for. However, they do have to have a National Provider Identifier, and an unrestricted license in the state they are practicing in. For example, if a physician is licensed to practice in Illinois, they cannot try to obtain a job in California unless they have a California license.

locum on the jobTo become a locum tenens, physicians should keep their resumes update by providing information about previous permanent and locum positions held. He or she should also keep references available, as well as, always keeping track of their certifications and licenses. It is also recommended to become board certified, and to obtain additional licenses in other states. The more versatile a locum tenens credentials are, the more likelihood he or she is going to be hired.

For companies hiring locum tenens, being updated on the policies for doing so are crucial. Using recruiting agencies can be a big help, as these agencies will handle licensing requirements, liability insurance, and will only recommend locum tenens they believe are qualified for the job. For companies that do not use a recruiting agency, make sure to stay updated on state licensing laws. It is also a good idea to be familiar with the company’s liability insurance policy, and to thoroughly look into a locum tenens’ qualifications.

Locum tenens can only be hired when a physician is on vacation, ill, on maternity leave, deployed or on active duty. They can also be hired when a physician has quit the practice, or has other business and educational obligations. Locum tenens cannot be hired on a long term basis.

How To Find Lung Cancer Screening Services Near You

cancer patientThe fast developing technology has made this easy for people to market their goods and services online. It has affected the health industry around the world too. Health providers in the private sector who have specialized in lung cancer screening are using the internet to market their services.

When it comes to cancer screening, people are very careful about the health providers they are consulting. The whole point of screening is to know if you have lung cancer so one has to look for a doctor who will do exactly that. Are you experiencing extreme weightloss and are left wondering where to get lung cancer screening? We recommend visiting this site.

Know The Type Of Services You Want

This is always the first step when looking for any health provider online. Before you do online shopping for a health provider, you should establish what you want. You should consider things like your budget and the reason you are doing it.

cancer screening centerFind The Best  Surgeon
Now that you have determined what you want, the next step is to find where you will get it. When you search where to get lung cancer screening on search engines such as Google, you will find so many health providers offering these services to you. However, the big question is, how will you know who is the best?

First, list down the health providers offering what you want and compare them to find which one suits you better. A good way to see this is looking at their reviews and feedback from other clients. If they are positive, then it means that other people trust them. Although you should also consider the prices, do not focus too much on them. It is better to pay higher than compromise the quality of services you will get.

Establish Whether You Can Trust The Surgeon
There are so many fraudsters when it comes to the health industry. You should be very careful when choosing a health provider online. You should do research on the doctor and know the years he or she has been practicing cancer screening. Make sure that his or her record of accomplishment speaks for itself. These will guide you in knowing whether you can trust the health provider or not.

How To Become A Locum Tenen

If you are a part of the medical community, chances are you have heard the term Locum Tenens many times before, however, if you have no ties to the medical profession you probably are unsure what the term means.

locum tenens high in demandLocum tenens is a Latin tern meaning, “one holding a place.” It often is used to refer to individuals who are hired by a company or institution to provide a temporary service and skill or fill in at times when permanent staff is not available. The term locum tenen is used particularly often in the medical field. These individuals are employed at institutions such as office, hospitals or clinics. Today thousands of medical institutions work with companies that will provide locum tenens in a wide variety of places such as medical centers, government and military facilities, community health centers and even correctional facilities. This industry continues to grow as more medical professional choose to go about this way to practice medicine.

A leading Locum GP in Plymouth England says one of the most attractive parts of being a medical locum tenens is the work flexibility. If you enjoy travel opportunities related to your job, earning extra income and gaining clinical experience in cities all over the world than this might be a good fit for your media career. You have the ability to decide where you want to work, how much you would like to make, which types of people you would like to work with and in what kind of an environment and where you would like your career to take you.

medical doctorLocum tenens medical workers are not inferior in degree or skill set to permanent health care employees. Healthcare clients find locum tenes very practical for a number of reasons. In rural locations they may need to recruit extra staffing, and when a full time worker is on vacation, a leave of absence or sabbatical they are an easy way to locate a temporary worker. Locum tenens can also be in high demands during peak seasons in certain locations as it is a cost effective way to supply a skilled practitioner to fill a vacancy.

Being a locum tenen is a privileged position as they have the power to negotiate with their temporary employer because of the short-term nature of their contract. In recent times, many skilled medical workers have decided to make a career out of seeking temporary work contracts rather than looking for a full-time permanent position. However, it is important to be aware that partaking on this career path will not offer the same health insurance of benefit coverage as full-time employees are eligible for, and there is always the possibility that job security will be hard to come by.

If you’ve made up your mind to work as locum, you will be provided with a wide range of benefits, which may include:

  • Maintaining your work/life balance in a proper way – these jobs are the best way to maintain your life and work independently according to your priority. Also, you will be allowed to bring flexibility in both your home and work life.
  • You will be permitted to work in different hospitals – If you have finally decided to work in this field, you will be given a free license to do whatever you want, travel wherever you want to go and fulfill all your desires.
  • Good control over your work – these jobs play a great part in your life in order to have a better control over your work.
  • High Income – locum physicians are paid at a considerably higher rate as compared to other medical experts. It is so far considered the best way to earn good amount of cash, but without job security.
  • Best way to explore different career options and locations – No doubt locum jobs are considered the best temporary jobs, but on its downside if you’re having your day off or enjoying weekend with your family, or in case you are sick, you will not be paid at that time! Also, you will not be provided with accommodation or travel expenses in case you are told to travel long distance to work.

If you are a locum tenens and you are currently looking at employment opportunities, be sure to inquire at the Global Medical Staffing website or contact us for more recommendations.

How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

water aids weight lossIf your body calories are beyond the acceptable levels according to your desires, or with regard to the recommendations of your doctor, drinking water is a simple way to reduce them without crazy diets or expensive weight-loss supplements. You are advised to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. This could be difficult, but since you have a goal, you have to put more effort to achieve it. You may be asking how does drinking those glasses of water assist you in weight loss?

Here’s how it works:

1. Water helps in digestion and assimilation. It is important that before any meal you drink a glass full of water. Drinking water before the meal will bring satisfaction. In the old and middle age individuals, drinking water before a meal reduces the level of appetite. This reduced calories intake and hence enhanced weight loss. Studies have shown that 2 kg are lost over a period of 12 weeks by improved water intake before a meal.

2. Drinking water plays a substantial role in curbing long-term weight gain. On average, a normal person will add 1.45 kg in every four years. This can be cut down through improved water intake. Raising your daily water intake by one cup is believed to cut your rate of water gain by 0.13 kg.

3. Water is free from calories. Calories are the major contributors to body weight gain. Since water has no calories, its continued intake means reduced calories intake. Concurrently, this plays a big role in curbing weight gain. Research has shown that substituting sweet drinks with water, leads to 9% reduction in calories intake on average. Most beverages have high contents of calories and sugar, which contribute a lot to body weight gain. When you substitute that beverage cup with a cup of water, you are reducing the cumulative 1.45 kg weight gain in four years by 0.5 kg.

4. Drinking of water enhances your resting expenditure. This is the number of calories that you are capable of burning while resting. This energy expenditure according to research, has been reported to increase at the rate of 24-30% within 10 minutes after water ingestion. This energy expenditure will last for not less than one hour. The research findings in overweight children and women indicate that 23 additional calories are burned by ingesting 0.5 liters of cold water. This is equivalent to 2kg or 17,000 calories over a period of one year.

5. Cold water greatly enhances weight loss. This is because the body has to use some extra calories in warming this water to the body temperature levels. The extra calories burnt account enhanced of weight loss.

Here’s a quick video recapping everything written above:

There you have it, 5 way water has been scientifically proven to help you lose weight. Therefore, training and exercise are not the only ways through which you can burn those calories and reduce your body weight.

What Are the Health Benefits of the Paleo Diet?

foods of paleo dietThe Paleo diet is not a new diet. In fact, you could probably say with certainty that it is mankind’s oldest diet. The premise goes like this; Take almost everything you normally eat in today’s society and throw it out.

The Paleo diet has many benefits for human health. It seems very logical since it is an easy method of eating that humans have been genetically well adapted to. These health benefits can take many forms, and a quick analysis of many Paleo diet discussions show large groups of people who have had their lives and health has changed by this diet. Many of these results are anecdotal, but there have been scientific studies conducted on many critical factors, and they are very promising.

Here Are the Major Benefits of the Paleo Diet:

Weight Loss
Most people find that they lose the desired weight and body fat, especially if they cut carbohydrates. This is logical since the main sources of excess blood sugar and insulin are grains and sugar. By replacing these foods with plants and animals, glucose load and insulin levels are lowered, which facilitates weight loss.

Improved Lipid Profiles
We have learned that blood lipids are our best indicator of heart disease risk. This is true, and paleo diet improves considerably, despite being high in saturated fats (which is good for us, but that is subject to another position). Increases levels of HDL cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, and small changes in LDL cholesterol, the type dense (poor) to large print and fluffy (good).

Improved Acne and Depression
Many people think that their mental state improves; they feel better and suffer less anxiety and depression. Acne complaints are often greatly improved as well.

paleo dieting bookFiber
The Paleo diet encourages eating whole foods as it is naturally loaded with fiber. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, dietary fiber is essential in a healthy diet. Fiber reduces the risk of constipation, helps lower cholesterol and also reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Fiber is also an aid to weight loss.

Better Digestion
Although not as rich in fiber, like most typical nutritionists recommended diet, digestion is often significantly improved on Paleo diet. This makes sense since one of the most horrific of our digestive system is gluten, especially wheat, which is strongly discouraged. Heartburn is often completely disappears as well.

High in Healthy Fats
The Paleo weight loss program is not fat-free. Dieters are allowed foods such as fish and nuts that are rich in omega-3, the type of fat. The omega-3 performs a broad range of tasks in the fight against signs of aging to improve brain function.

While other diets can leave you feeling hungry soon after eating, Paleo diet is high in fiber, which makes the body feel full longer. Feeling happy on a diet increases the chances that you will stick with it.

These are just some of the many incredible Paleo diet benefits and are usually described by the people who do this diet. In short, it significantly improves the general health. However, it is vital to note that this is not a weight loss diet but a lifestyle and a way of eating that can be maintained indefinitely as opposed to the short term results from diet pills and supplements.

Diet Pills: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

With each passing day, the weight loss industry is growing at a great pace. One can see a number of diet pills on the marketplace. Because of the abundance of the weight loss diet pills on the marketplace, it has become very difficult for everyone to the best ones. As a matter of fact, in this field, one cannot say which diet pills are capable of producing the best results.

diet supplementsAll the available diet pills have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a clear description of positive and negative elements of the different diet pills that one uses for losing weight. We also recommended checking out garcinia cambogia, a tropical fruit also known as the Malabar tamarind. It’s supposed to inhibit your body’s ability to create fat and is also supposed to lower your appetite. Believer say it blocks your body’s ability to make fat and it puts the brakes on your appetite. Dr Oz introduced garcinia cambogia as a diet supplement originally but many experts found that it also was a good way to keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels at healthy levels.

Appetite Suppressor
Appetite suppressor, suppress the feeling of hunger. Because of the suppressed hunger, one eats less since diet pills help one that his or her stomach is full and thus one loses weight indirectly. As one is not eating much because of this false notion that one’s stomach is completely full, one’s body start making use of the fat that is already stored inside the body.

In spite of the fact that such diet pills work well for many people, but at the same time, it is true that it may cause side effects in the form of high blood pressure and cardiovascular complications. It is advisable for the people with heart problems and a medical history of diabetes to avoid taking such supplements.

Pros and cons of taking diet pills:

carb blocker aids weight lossCarbohydrates Blocker
Another weight loss diet pill comes in the form of s Carbohydrates blocker. It works by preventing carbohydrates from getting broken and being used by the body. Basically, carbohydrates are used as energy for daily requirements and excess turn into fat for the storage. It has been shown in some of the studies that carbohydrates blocker goes a long way in losing weight.

Fat Burners
As far as the fat burners are concerned, it has been found to boost the temperature of the body and help the metabolism of the body to go up. Because of the high metabolism rate, the body burns the fat of the body at a very rapid speed. If one is using fat burner supplements for the first time, he or she may feel uneasiness or sweat too much. Due to high metabolism rate, one might feel fatigue and tiredness.

It has been advised that one should take fat burners with some proper workout, an omega 3 supplement, and bodybuilding plan so that the lost fat in our body can be replaced with muscles.

These diet pills do have their own share of benefits and disadvantages. But, you can easily overcome the drawbacks, provided you act a little wary in choosing your weight loss pill.

Benefits of Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acids

high quality sources of fatty acidsNormally when you visit your doctor or nutritionist they will advise you to cut back on the intake of fats because it is bad for your health but it is different when the fats in question are Omega-3 fatty acids. There are numerous benefits to the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. Here we will only go over 7 Benefits of taking Omega-3 fatty acids that are arguably the most important.

1. Minimizing the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases – Research shows that fatty acids from fish oils contain anti-inflammatory properties so they can help prevent and even reverse the onset of cardiovascular diseases because they can result from inflammation of blood vessels.
2. Reducing depression – Adjusting to a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduces symptoms of major depression disorder. Omega-3 has also been observed to increase the effectiveness of anti-depressants and it also suppresses symptoms of bipolar disorder so it is important for psychological well-being.
3. Delaying onset of Alzheimer’s Disease – Intake of a diet rich in Omega-3 is highly beneficial for an individual’s cognitive function. Omega-3 slows the cognitive decline often experienced in old age. It delays memory loss associated with aging consequently delaying the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.
4. Treatment of ADHD – For kids whose school performance is affected by symptoms of ADHD which include; inattention, being restless, impulsive behavior and hyperactivity, Omega-3 is an important element in their treatment plan. It helps improve the kids metal skills such as learning and memory and these helps alleviate symptoms of ADHD.
5. Treatment of Eye Disorders – Eye disorders such as cataracts that result from aging and the dry eye disorder can be reversed by Omega-3 fatty acids. Research involving patients with AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) revealed that these patients experienced significant improvement from taking seafood and a diet rich in fish oil. The improvement in the patients has been attributed to EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which are natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.
omega 3 fatty acids supplement6. Treatment of Arthritis – Patients with rheumatoid arthritis benefit from taking a diet rich in fish oil. Taking fish oil resulted in significant reduction in disease activity for these patients prompting the conclusion that Omega-3 is an effective supplement that aids in the therapy for the disease.
7. Reducing Anxiety – Intake of fish oil reverses symptoms associated with anxiety so it is important to introduce it to children’s diet during critical periods of their development. Introducing Omega-3 in a kid’s diet will help minimize their chances of developing anxiety later in life.
Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits so it is important to include it in one’s diet.

7 Ways to Boost Your Immunity

boost immune systemBody immunity is what guards your body against disease-causing microbes and infections so; it is highly crucial or recommended to make sure that your immune system stays healthy by just following these 5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity:

– Eat lots and lots of berries – All kinds of berries are rich in antioxidants and work great to promote healthy immune system. The best way is to add some berries to your breakfast cereal or make a healthy and delicious evening smoothie.

– Adequate sleep – We all know that the key to a healthy morning is a restful sleep. When we sleep, protective cytokines increase in levels while inflammatory cells decline, which means that lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can have a bad effect on our immune system.

– Say no to Alcohol – Alcohol consumption can cause various health issues, and it can also weaken your immune system making your body vulnerable to diseases like lung infections. Alcohol can lead to a disturbed sleep if you are a consuming it during night time which can further affect your immune system.

prevent illness– Garlic – Garlic works best for dealing with viruses that can cause flu and cold. But, most of the people don’t prefer adding garlic to their diets due its strong aroma and pungent taste, for such people, Garlic capsules are also easily available on various online health stores in Canada and have the similar effects.

– Yogurt – The health benefits of yogurt are not just limited to calcium and protein content. Probiotics in yogurt are proven to stimulate white blood cells which prevent you from catching germs which can cause cold and flu.

– Workout – Exercising helps you sleep better and can also boost your metabolism. Both of these are pivotal for a healthy immune system. So, take at least 30 minutes out from your daily schedule and get involved in some physical activity such as swimming, dancing, jogging, etc.

– Don’t let tensions take over you – Stress hormones are dreadful for your immune system. Indulge in some fun activities to relieve stress, spend a good time with friends and family, dine at your favorite restaurant and laugh out loud.

You can also consult your dietician or doctor and add some nutrition supplements to your diet which help you combat various disease causing viruses. Also, there are several online health stores which offer a good range of nutrition supplements; you can look for ones which suit your heat requirements.

How to Prevent Obesity in Children

There is no way to really stop the obesity but there are ways to prevent it. One way you could prevent it is by providing plenty of healthy food in your household. Many people only carry junk food which leads to obesity. If you have children you should keep plenty of fruits and vegetables in your house so that they will be eating only healthy food and less junk food. You may also want to carry low-fat milk or dairy products. This makes it very healthy for your child’s body system and they will be less likely to get really sick. Instead of eating out you may just want to eat lean meats as well as fish. Those are very healthy for you. It’s even better to fix all of these foods together. Some children could be very picky so it might be difficult to feed them all the right foods.

prevent children from being overweight

Most importantly everyone should be drinking plenty of fresh cold water. Like I mentioned above you should mix some vegetables with some meat or you maybe even want to fix these fruit or vegetables into a smoothie. Your children won’t be able to notice and they will be eating well. If you want to give your child a treat that is okay. But what is not okay is giving them treats or snacks all the time. This is how they are becoming fat and this could be a problem for you as well.

If your child wants to play outside you should let them play outside for as long as they want instead of just sitting on their phone or tablet playing some type of games. Playing outside will make them stronger and may be healthier whether you now know it or not. It could strengthen their bones and regulate their blood sugar better. If your child has problems with self-esteem, playing outside will also help especially if they do have anxiety and some stress.

Although you child may love to sit and watch TV, you might want to cut back their time watching tv. Even internet as well, that could be quite as addictive for your child.You should encourage your child to get up and clean and go outside as much as you can while fixing healthy meals every day for them to eat.

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